In The Annex – Glebe/Forest Lodge, Sydney



Taking a break from reporting my European culinary (and other) adventures to review In The Annex for you – a new cafe in the awkward suburb of Forest Lodge (let’s just refer to it as Glebe shall we?). The cafe is on Ross Street, which will be familiar to many Sydney Uni students, who may know it as ‘where Officeworks is’. Because of this I feel it’ll quickly become a uni student staple once semester starts again, a lovely alternative to the otherwise super busy Glebe Point Road cafes.


Eggs on toast with relish and kale (approx $10)

Eggs on toast with relish and kale (approx $10)

Hamilton and I went for a late breakfast – the cafe wasn’t too full, it was nice to have a selection of tables to choose from. Each table is decorated with a little something special – in our case, a tiny little succulent in an equally tiny coffee cup! I have a bit of a thing for succulents, they are like fat plants that I just want to squish… The breakfast menu is small but not uneventful. Kale features prominently which is great because it is in season at the moment and so very healthy.

Mini succulents!

Mini succulents!

Hamilton went for the Eggs on toast with relish and kale (approx $10) – the eggs can be done in any style you wish! I went for the Breakfast roll with eggs, mayo and kale ($6.50), which is basically a variation of Hamilton’s dish all put together in a sandwich. Oh and there’s mayo – one of my favourite condiments. Closely followed by aioli. All together a hearty and fulfilling breakfast. The drinks are also served in mis-matching cups, which is aways a fun touch! After reading this blog post though I am so keen to go back for lunch! It looks amazing! And there were also more dishes on the breakfast menu to try too!

Breakfast roll with eggs, mayo and kale ($6.50)

Breakfast roll with eggs, mayo and kale ($6.50)

In The Annex
35 Ross Street
Glebe/Forest Lodge
Sydney NSW 2037

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