Soda Pony – Newtown, Sydney

Breakfast Plate ($14.50)

Breakfast Plate ($14.50)

Speaking of the ‘other end’ of streets, here we have Soda Pony, which opened on ‘the other end’ of the famous and fabulous King Street in Newtown. While it really is at the other end (think 20 minute walk from Sydney Uni), it seems to be a bit of an up-and-coming, thriving end of the street, with MakMak Macarons opening just a few doors down. A visit to Soda Pony thus also naturally requires a visit to MakMak, whether for dessert or just for the hell of it.


Breakfast roll ($7.50) + ham ($2)

Breakfast roll ($7.50) + ham ($2)

AKB and I met up for lunch, but as usual it ended up being another case of the breakfast-for-lunch situation. AKB had her eye immediately on the Breakfast roll ($7.50), with some extra ham ($2) – because who doesn’t like to have ham in their breakfast?!  It might not look like much in the photo but from the speed of food-devouring and emphatic gestures and facial expressions conveyed with a full mouth, AKB assured me it was really, really great. In my opinion, food doesn’t have to look good to taste good (but then again, it might help if it looked good as well…). I went for the Breakfast plate ($14.50) because I have taken it upon myself to try all the breakfast plates in Sydney to see if they match up to my all time favourite at The Wedge Espresso. Big task – I know. But one that I look forward to muchly! I feel that this breakfast plate was more ‘European’ in style – perhaps it was the sliced cheese and rustic style ham. The fresh baby spinach was also a highlight – you could definitely make a mean sandwich with all those ingredients on the plate!  And wow – was there something special in the butter on the toast? Because it tasted phenomenal. Just something I noticed in particular while munching through my breakfast/lunch.

It may be a bit out of the way for the usual Newtown visitor, but do try it! The vibe is casual and chilled (grab the couch if you can!) and don’t forget to visit MakMak a few doors down!

Soda Pony
583A King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042

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And on another note – I’ll be heading back to Germany and London in a few days time! So excited to share all my culinary adventures around the world with you all! 

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