Fish Place – Surry Hills, Sydney

Smoked salmon with Pea and Pumpkin Salad

Smoked salmon with Pea and Pumpkin Salad

Fish Place is a new-ish addition to Foveaux Street – perfect for the grab-and-go business luncheon or for a chilled sunny lunch in the courtyard out back. If you arrive and wonder whether the place just does takeaway – don’t worry, walk around the side of the building along Waterloo Street and you’ll find the entry into the courtyard. Fresh and smoked fish in a city renowned for its seafood, in the funky suburb of Surry Hills – what more could you want?

Smoked Trout with Mashed Peas

Smoked Trout with Mashed Peas

L. and I met up at Fish Place for a casual weekday lunch. So much choice! That was definitely the first thing that struck me – not only in terms of the fish, but all the salads looked amazing too. I have a thing for trout and smoked fish, so I went for the Smoked Trout with Mashed Peas (also because I think peas are just such an underrated vegetable). The fish was tender, tasty, but not overwhelmingly ‘fishy’ if you know what I mean… L. went for the Smoked salmon with a pea and pumpkin salad, and I must admit I had a bit of food envy of that salad…what a great combination, also creating such brilliant colours! At first there was a bit of confusing as to which one was the trout and which one the salmon, because, well, they do look quite similar. But the trout definitely has a stronger, more smokey flavour.

I also love how eco-friendly everything is, from the cardboard trays to the wooden cutlery. Good to see a place trying to do their bit in saving the environment. Next time, I’ll be keen to try something like the Smoked Salmon Bagel – truly one of the greatest inventions ever. I’d really recommend this place for a casual and quick lunch, and if you want a nutritious meal as well.

Fish Place
70 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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