MakMak Pop-Up Store – Newtown, Sydney

Hello and welcome to the first guest post on talk&spoon, presented by the awesome Anna Britton. While I was away in London, MakMak had a pop up store in Newtown, Sydney, and Anna went to check it out!




MakMak is a macaron shop located on King St, Newtown.  As you enter this little store there is a glass cabinet filled with rows of macarons in a beautiful array of colours and flavours.  You can buy macarons individually for $3 or as a box set of 4 or 12 (12 for $30 – which works out to be $2.50 each).

When I visited there were 8 flavours to buy. These were: Raspberry & Cream, Bounty, Peppermint & Belgian Dark Chocolate, Gianduja (Chocolate & Hazelnut), Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter & Belgian Milk Chocolate, Passionfruit, Orange & Lemon Myrtle, and Caramel Macchiato.

Each of the macarons are beautifully made, with a crisp delicate shell and a smooth, soft centre.  Out of the 8, my favourites were the Passionfruit, Orange & Lemon Myrtle, and the Peppermint & Belgian Dark Chocolate.  The Passionfruit one has a bright yellow shell with orange flecks and a passionfruit curd centre. The citrus and passionfruit blend of flavours is perfect.  As a big fan of mint choc combinations, the Peppermint macaron really satisfied! This macaron comes in a speckled pastel green shell with a rich dark chocolate ganache filling.

One thing I found disappointing is that only some of the flavours advertised on their website were actually available in store.  None of the flash designs – with 2 different coloured shells (like Blueberry & Lime) or fancy shell decorations (Strawberry, Vincotto & Pink Peppercorn) – were available at the counter when I went by.  This was really disappointing as I was looking forward to trying those particular flavours – perhaps they should update their website as to the days certain flavours are actually readily available! (There was also no Peach & Raspberry or Pistachio & Cranberry).

Despite not being able to try flavours I was expecting to, this store takes their macaron making seriously, and makes sensational macarons with delicate shells and great flavour combos!

MakMak (now a permanent store)
601 King St
Newtown, Sydney 2042

MakMak on Urbanspoon

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