Farmhouse Kings Cross – Kings Cross, Sydney

Spatchcock with Farmhouse stuffing

Spatchcock with Farmhouse stuffing

Aside from the fact that Farmhouse Kings Cross allegedly produces hipster food, I was just overjoyed to hear that new restaurant had opened on the somewhat dead strip of Bayswater Road, Kings Cross. With the closures of Bayswater Diner and Concrete Blonde, Barrio Chino seems to be the only one that’s left thriving along that street. Never fear though – Farmhouse is here and doing some amazing stuff.

Potato bread, Potato skins and Garlic Aioli

Potato bread, Potato skins and Garlic Aioli

Citrus cured trout, Rye, Fennel and Salmoriglio

Citrus cured trout, Rye, Fennel and Salmoriglio

At the head of Farmhouse are Mike Mu Sung and Tristan Rosier who collectively have worked at est., Sixpenny and Biota. The concept is somewhat different to other restaurants – there is only one long table seating 20. One nifty thing is that some sections of the table can open up like a flap, so you can still get out if you’re seated right in the middle of 10 people. There are two seatings: 6:30pm and 8:30pm sharp. It’s been a while since I’ve had a communal dining experience like this but it actually wasn’t awkward at all! The couple next to us noticed I was taking photos, asked me about my blog and some friendly banter ensued.

  • What we ate:

Each day, the constantly evolving menu is written onto the glass window at the front of the restaurant. I really do love menus that change often – it means I can go back to the same restaurant without getting sick of the food! We started off with some Potato Bread (a Farmhouse classic), Potato skins and Garlic Aioli. Gosh, potato skins really do take me back to my childhood in Hong Kong, where mum would take me to Dan Ryan’s after the traumatising experience of going to the doctor for an unhealthy dose of potato skins. Definitely comfort food to me, and well balanced by the tangy zucchini slices and garlic aioli.

Next we were served Citrus cured trout with rye, fennel and salmoriglio. While I’m not a seafood lover, I definitely have a soft spot for any type of cured fish. And fennel – what an underrated vegetable! Fennel and celeriac: both vegetables we don’t see enough on the menu. Salmoriglio (as Wikipedia tells me) is an Italian condiment made of lemon juice, olive oil, minced garlic, chopped oregano and parsley, salt and pepper.


Spatchcock with Farmhouse stuffing

Spatchcock with Farmhouse stuffing

Side: Heirloom Tomato Salad

Side: Heirloom Tomato Salad

The main deal was the whole Spatchcock with Farmhouse stuffing, with a side of heirloom tomato salad. Unfortunately the menu didn’t say that there would be chilli in the spatchcock, and I’m quite sensitive to chilli so it didn’t sit too well with me. I did thoroughly enjoy the tomato salad though – always fun to have different kinds of tomatoes!

Roast Pear, Spiced Meringue and Spiced Syrup

Roast Pear, Spiced Meringue and Spiced Syrup


Walnut and Pear cake with Cinnamon cream to take home

Dessert is always a highlight for me and poached or roasted pear happens to be one of my favourite winter desserts – so well done Farmhouse! The Roast Pear with Spiced Meringue and Spiced Syrup went down amazingly well – those spices really remind you of a wintery Christmas in the snow (or at least what I imagine a white Christmas would be like). And just as you thought the meal was over, they present you with CAKE! S and I were filled to the top by then so we asked to have the Walnut and pear cake with cinnamon cream takeaway – much to the pleasure of The Mother who devoured it as soon as I got home. I think it’s always important for restaurants to be okay with take away – the aim is to waste less food right? So if a diner wants to take some home to minimise wastage, takeaway should definitely be encouraged.

At the affordable price of $55 per head (for 4+ courses!) I can see Farmhouse becoming a regular for me. Perhaps not the place for an intimate date as you will be sitting in close proximity with other people, but I’m already thinking ahead to perhaps booking out the table for 20 for my birthday?! Drooling as I think about this.

Farmhouse Kings Cross
4/40 Bayswater Road
Kings Cross, Sydney 

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  1. Am trying to contact Farmhouse to make a booking for this Thursday but cannot get through to their website. it doesn’t appear to be on the net any longer. Please advise.

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