Hoog at Severin*s – Keitum, Sylt, Germany

hoog ravioli

I can’t believe it’s been so long since DS and I were in Germany and I got to show him another one of my ‘homes’. It’s been nice going through photos of when we were there (especially all the places we ate at) and today I’m here to write about Hoog, a new restaurant in Keitum, Sylt (an island off the coast of Germany in the North Sea) in the new up-market resort Severin*s.

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The Wooden Whisk – St Leonards, Sydney

the wooden whisk field mushroom

Every now and then you find a little gem of a cafe that completely surprises you and blows you away – like The Wooden Whisk in Crows Nest/St Leonards.

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Sansibar – Sylt, Germany

truffle fries

So many fun dishes to share with you in this post it’s making me all giddy! Went to Sansibar in Sylt (tiny island in Germany in the North Sea) for my birthday this year and it was all kinds of awesome – particularly mind blowing was the image above. The best freaking truffle and parmesan fries I’ve ever had!

(Oh and if you want to see my previous post on Sansibar you can check it out here)

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Gogärtchen – Kampen, Sylt, Germany

salmon entree

Bringing you a little bit more of our trip to Germany back in July (seems like ages ago now…) – we headed to Gogärtchen in Kampen, which has become a bit of an establishment ever since it opened as a humble cafe in 1951.

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Kujin – Elizabeth Bay, Sydney

kujin wagyu beef

So you’ve all been reading about DS…now you actually get to hear from the guy himself! Introducing DS in his first guest post after featuring on the blog for 2+ years…

When I heard we were going to Kujin for dinner, I was thrilled!

When E granted my somewhat naïve petition for the right to do a guest post, I felt a little more nervous than I’d anticipated. What would I say?! I ain’t no food critic after all…but what I can do is give you my insights as someone who loves Izakaya Teppanyaki, the restaurant experience and good food of all kinds.

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